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Adults – $6
Seniors 60 & Up – $4
Children 7 – 18 – $2
Children 6 & Under – Free


Tours for the Crime and Punishment Museum are by appointment only. Volunteers staff our museum and are happy to share the wonderful history of the jail and of Turner County. Unfortunately, because the staff is made solely of volunteers there is not full time staff. Don’t let a small call dissuade you! Call 229-567-9696 to the Ashburn Welcome Center across the street and we will happily make arrangements for your visit, from one guest to a whole bus, we would love to have you!


The original Jail, often referred to as Castle Turner because of its Romanesque architecture and Courthouse was built in 1906 for a total cost of $60,000. The Jail housed its prisoners upstairs and the downstairs served as the living quarters for the sheriff and his family until 1993.

The Jail has seen anywhere from the pettiest offender to those on death row. At least one documented hanging took place in the jail in 1914. Miles Cribb was hung for the murder of his mother-in-law. The original hanging room, trap door and collar Cribb wore is on display in the in the Jail as well as other fascinating pieces of Crime and Punishment history. Call to schedule a tour today.

Photo Ops

Ever wanted a Selfie from behind bars? How about a Stockade photo to remind your kids to behave? Bring a camera and have a blast at this historic site. Your Facebook friends will jealous of your time in jail! Imagine that.


The Crime and Punishment Museum has recently been ranked the 2nd most haunted site in the entire southeast according to Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigators. The Museum is second only to the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg, TN.

The Crime and Punishment Museum frequently attracts Paranormal Groups from around the country willing to brave a night in the jail to experience its aura and odd phenomenon’s. Tour guides and staff have noted unexplained experiences while in the jail.

Schedule a tour today to decide for yourself!

Paranormal Groups are welcomed to call as well!


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